Looking for info on mythological figures

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I’m looking for a list of mythological deities/spirits/giants/demons/etc. (prefereably of significant importance/power if not a deity outright) that are associated with the following traits:
[li]Mourning, Grief, etc.[/li][li]trickery, humor, and/or celebration (preferably some combination)[/li][li]time (in the sense of the Norns being past/present/future, or Janus being past & present)[/li][li]love, more specifically the romantic/passionate kind (or just sex would be fine)[/li][li]parental figures (mother or father)[/li][li]gateways, barriers, change (I’m kind of thinking of Janus or Hecate, but I’d like to see alternatives, for a counter-example Anubis is too specific)[/li][li]either war, or some form of fighting for sport (martial arts, wrestling, etc)[/li][li]hunting[/li][li]eating (particularly in a predatorial sense, not like “x, god of food”)[/li][li]Cats[/li][li]night[/li][/ul]

I’ve been plodding along through wikipedia, but they don’t exactly do a good job of being concise in their descriptions of a being’s associations (and I understand that this is often because said associations changed over time). At any rate, I’m hoping to pick my fellow doper’s brains for a mix of figures from different mythological backgrounds. My only other requests is to try and give me a mix of male and female (intersexed figures works too), and that I’d like to use more commonly recognized interpretations of the figures (for those who’ve changed over time).

Thanks for any and all suggestions you might be able to come up with. Oh, and in case it isn’t apparent, I’m only expecting one or two of the above from any given poster, so don’t go nuts trying to do something even I had the sense not to take on by myself.


PS. yeah, this is another of my threads to get help for some inane project I’m working on in my spare time that’ll probably never see the light of day. But trust me, your help will be appreciated.

Perusing this Wikipedia article will give you some ideas, here is the list of Egyptian Deities. Here is an overall list of Deities, and you might try searching the Encyclopedia Mythica as well.

ETA: Some of the things you are looking for leap out of the lists I posted, and you can cross check them at the Encyclopedia Mythica. :wink:

Coming back to add, research Kali as well. She is Goddess of Chaos, Destruction, Change. She is more about overcoming obstacles though, I think. Try Bacchus/Dionysus for the celebration/trickery bit. Read up on them to see if you’d put them there though.

Momus is the Greek god of mockery and unfair criticism. A spirit of evil-spirited blame, he is probably the patron saint of the SDMB, but that’s a different subject.

Try this, Thousands of NAMES OF GODS, GODDESSES, DEMIGODS, MONSTERS, SPIRITS, DEMONS & DEITIES for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child.

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Zabali, thanks for that wikipedia list. Honestly I don’t know how I missed that? I was just rolling through reading individual articles because it never occured to me that they’d have an outright list like that. :smack:

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.