Looking for information on illegal Mexican Immigrant crime

Hello everyone:

I’m looking for statics on crime rates of illegal Mexican immigrants. I’ve been searching around the web trying to find what percentage of illegals commit crimes but i’m not really having any luck.

Matt Yglesias at vox.com often has posts about this kind of topic, that usually show and link to data. Hope that helps.

Should you be interested in background, read; America’s Lost History of Border Violence

*In truth, not only do high levels of immigration bring crime rates down, but but undocumented immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans. A

The crime rate among first-generation immigrants—those who came to this country from somewhere else—is significantly lower than the overall crime rate and that of the second generation. It’s even lower for those in their teens and early 20s, the age range when criminal involvement peaks.

Well, if they are illegal ,I’d say all of them:rolleyes:

You are mistaken, glenn. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, but simply being in the country without proper documentation is a civil matter, not a crime. Those who have overstayed a valid visa or those brought into the country as young children are not criminals. http://blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2014/07/is-illegal-immigration-a-crime-improper-entry-v-unlawful-presence.html

Does the Donald need some extra help with his research?