Looking for links to old SDMB threads about The Sixth Sense

Just wondering what SDMB posters said about the movie.

If someone would be kind enough to provide some links, that would be great.


Sorry, but there was a famour (and I believe inadvertent) purge of threads several years ago that wiped out some of the older archived material. T6S came out in 1999, and all my searches are only going back to 2002 or so, so aside from individual posts (in otherwise unrelated threads) about twists or emotional scenes or child actors or whatnot, there isn’t anything I can really link to. :frowning:

Still, welcome! If you want, you can start your own thread on the subject. :slight_smile:

ArchiveGuy, thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m wondering, in general, about what SDMB posters think about the portrayal of “after death” experiences in movies, and The Sixth Sense was the first movie that came to mind.

FWIW, I just could not buy into the basic premise: “I, for some reason, see a tiny number of dead people (in a metropolitan area of about 6 million), even though you don’t know anyone else who sees dead people the way that I see dead people”.

After the “surprise ending”, the movie seemed to me to be even sillier. I understand, though, that some of the apparent inconsistencies are explained in the movie, that there are some interesting storytelling techniques, and that there are various themes about communication and interpersonal relationships. So, I am open to being persuaded that the movie did actually deserve an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.