Looking for lunch near Union Station

Hey there,

I’ve got a couple of guests coming into Union Station on Saturday. We’re hoping to do lunch somewhere where we can lay out laptops and the like and not get the evil eye for taking up a table for four-ish hours. Walking distance from the station would be a real big plus, but not 100% necessary (I could, theoretically, drive into the city, pick them up, and take them somewhere, but then cheap parking would be a priority).

Anyone have suggestions?

I believe there’s a food court right in the station, with tables shared by all the purveyors. So nobody would accuse you of taking up one of “their” tables for hours on end.

I assumed you’re talking about Toronto Union Station…

The food court in the station is very noisy, busy and crowded, and I don’t remember there being that many tables. Plus with all the construction going on it’s going to be extra annoying to hang out there. Why not go to one of the nice restaurants along Front St. (I like the Texas Lonestar Grill a couple of blocks west) for lunch, and then down to any given food court along the PATH to use their tables?

I assumed Chicago Union Station, given that this was posted in the Straight Dope Chicago board. :slight_smile:

…Yeah, Chicago. :slight_smile:

Jim’s Original Polish Sausages (hot dogs) – easy walk from Union Station.

Er, as mentioned in the OP…

The link looks like a stand…

On a Saturday? I’d think any place would be ok. I work over at Monroe/Wacker and the few times I’ve been by work on Saturday, it is pretty deserted.

If you’re looking for a couple of drinks during the 4 hours, I’d suggest Stocks and Blondes up by Washington/Wells although it is definitely bar food. I believe, but not 100% certain they have wi fi.

Corner Bakery (attached to the southeast corner of the station) comes to mind. Might be closed on Saturday, though. The food court at Ogilvie Transportation Center (two blocks north) is bigger and less crowded. There’s a Corner Bakery there, too, upstairs on the Madison St. side.

You could also just book a space at Catalyst Ranch.

Dylan’s is a nice tavern w/ decent food and drinks and shouldn’t be too busy on a Saturdy (more of a happy hour place). It’s right around the corner from Union.

Oh good lord, I didn’t even notice that. :smack:

Oops, my bad. Grab the hot dogs and eat 'em as you walk over to the Harold Washington Library to plug in the laptops and chill!