Looking for really big Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fans

I recently finished writing my second book, a fantasy-satire novel. It’s meant as a satire, homage, love-letter, and gleeful ripoff of GRRM’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books, the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, and fandom, all rolled into one. I’m a huge fan of both the book series and the TV show, and my hope is to combine something that I love with something that might have a chance to sell!

My book is a totally original story that takes place in two worlds – the real world, and a fantasy world that GRRM fans may find just a tiny bit familiar. It has some comedic and satirical moments, but it is definitely not parody, and definitely not slapstick (no ‘Game of Groans’). And it has a lot of in-jokes that I hope will tickle big fans of the books, TV show, and fandom (especially the internet fandom) in general.

I’ve had a few close friends and family read it, and I’ve gotten some great feedback, including from one very special Doper (thanks so much – you know who you are!). But I haven’t yet had anyone read it who is a really big fan of ASOIAF and/or Game of Thrones. Since ASOIAF/GoT fans are the target audience, I really think I ought to get some of their (our!) feedback.

So is anyone interested in being a beta reader and providing feedback? I think it would be helpful to get feedback from big fans of the ASOIAF book series, whether or not they watch the show, and big fans of the TV show, whether or not they read the books. In fact, it would probably be best if I could get a reader who doesn’t follow the show, a show-watcher who hasn’t read the books, and someone (like me!) who loves both the books and the show.

If you’re interested, please post here or PM me, and let me know what your ASOIAF/GoT ‘fan qualifications’ are!

Bumping… no takers? Would a small financial incentive change make this more attractive?

I am a book reviewer on Amazon, and like to give new authors a boost. I prefer the books, didn’t care for the last book, but enjoy the show also.

In what format would you provide the book?

Thanks for responding!

I have it in .doc and .pdf. I also have a (poorly drawn) map in .png format that readers might find useful. Do those formats work?

Sorry, no. It’s a real chore reading a book in those formats.

But after you get it out, please contact me for a review on Amazon, and good luck!

Are there any formats that would work better for you? I’m pretty sure I could convert it.

I’ve read the first two books and watched the TV show; I’ll help out!

Great! Thanks for replying. Do you mind PMing me your email address? And is .doc or .pdf okay?

I’ve read all the books and I watch the show and love both (though I am a bit frustrated with the lack of forward movement in the books!) I would be happy to read and give you feedback if you are still in the market for it.

I will PM you with my email address, and either Word or PDF is fine!

Thanks Winkie! I responded to your PM.

Thanks for all the responses, in the thread and by PM! I think I’ve got room for another 1 or 2 beta readers, if anyone else is interested.