Looking for resort suggestions Pacific side of Costa Rica

Hey folks. I have been to Costa Rica many, many times but never for leisure. I am familiar with the central highlands and even the Arenal area.

But this November is my 10th anniversary and I want to stay with Ms. Newcrasher on the west coast. It must be oceanside. I would prefer something non-chain and charming. Comfy but still relecting the local charm. I don’t mind lizards on the ceiling, but I want nice sheets.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Playa Montezuma. Been there twice and loved it. Stayed in a bungalow at Hotel Los Mangos both times.

Only things to remember? Don’t feed the howler monkeys. And go in town early and buy ice.

Tell me more about this. What was it near? Any shopping or night life? Anything cultural to see? Also - almost as important, is there beverage service on the beach?

When you say bungalow, describe what the place is like. I am intrigued.

It’s not really near anything. I rented a car and drove down… Took the ferry across, drove some more And ended up in Playa Montezuma. It’s a tiny tiny town. There are two or three restaurants, not very much shopping, and a couple of hotels. At least one bar with dancing after hours. Very relaxed. There’s a waterfall you can hike to.

I dunno about beverage service on the beach… I brought down a fabric cooler. I would go get ice and booze in the morning and have it all day.

The bungalows are great. Made of some local wood. Nice big covered porches with hammocks. They are set up in the trees so there are lots of howler monkeys and local wildlife. Again, very neat and relaxing. If you hit google, Hotel las Mangos has a website and there are probably google images that will let you check it out.

If you’re looking for more shopping / stuff, you might look into Tamarindo. I’ve never been there, but from what I hear, it’s bigger, closer to the Capitol, and similarly awesome.