Looking for some good vacation paperbacks

I usually get books from the library (or we would go bankrupt) but I’m looking for some paperback recommendations for an upcoming vacation – paperback in case I decide to ditch one or more on my trip.

Recent books I loved include: The Sparrow, Broken for You, Warbreaker, The Gargoyle, Survivors’ Club, Spin, 61 Hours, Bad Mother, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Water for Elephants, Kushiel’s Dart, Blindness.

A pretty eclectic group.

Anyway, any recommendations from people with similar tastes would be appreciated. I do have a few long plane trips, so no issues with getting too wrapped up in the story.

Much obliged!

What works for me on vacation are “page-turners” – books that are heavy on plot, with some action, decent characterization. Authors like Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and Nelson deMille usually work for me. Also Jonathan Kellerman, John Connolly, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Andrew Vachss, Laura Lippman.

ETA There’s usually gonna be something by those authors in print and available in airports and drugstores.