Looking for some historical reading- suggestions?

Seeing as I don’t have school again until September (sing praises and such), I finally have time to read! It’s truly a glorious time, but I am overwhelmed by all the options.

As of late, I’m really into learning history- so non fiction would probably be the way to go. I’m open to any interesting subject matter, as long as the book is well-written and isn’t the standard history text ("…and in 1971 Nixon…and in 1972 Nixon…and in").

If I had to be slightly specific, I would say more recent (late 70’s to the end of Clinton’s first term) United States would be an area I don’t know too horribly much about. But like I said, if it is interesting- I’d love to read it.

So, anyone read any good books lately? :smiley:

First, you need to read the Illuminatus! trilogy to find out what was really happening during the late '60s - early '70s.

I lived through that era and remember most of it. It wasn’t all that interesting.

I’m really enjoying James Reston’s Warriors of God: Richard the Lion-Heart and Saladin in the Third Crusade. As the title suggests, it’s about the epic clash between King Richard I of England and Salah ad-Din in the Holy Land. The author has a fresh writing style. I love the story of Conrad of Montferrat facing down Saladin at Tyre. Conrad’s father, William of Montferrat, was a prisoner of Saladin, who had the old man paraded before the walls of Tyre, trying to induce Conrad to surrender the city in return for his father’s freedom. A passage from page 67:

I would very much recommend Anchee Min’s book on Madame Mao. First person as the gal herself, and driving through a very convincing portroyal of a very real and flawed woman and the politics around her.