Looking for some online management game

I’m looking for an online game that I can spend some fruitless office hours on.

There are many online sports management games, where you can buy players for your team and have them virtually play against some other player’s team. However, I detest sports and don’t understand the mechanics of most games to be good at these.

Ideally you only need to log in a few times per week for this game and you can play it at work. So Farmville type Facebook games won’t do. I also wouldn’t like the amount of ‘friends’ you need to proceed in these games. I don’t want to bother my real friends with my games, and I wouldn’t like adding strangers to my friends list just to be able to play.

I’m wondering if there is some kind of online Rollercoaster Tycoon type of games, but minimal on graphics, can be played in a browser, and doesn’t need any type of Flash, Java, or other installable programs.

I used to play around on whatifsports.com, but I tired of it. Google “sports simulation” and you’ll find tons more.

Although I think any sports management game is going to be problematic if you detest sports …

There are a few management games on Kongregate, but all require Flash.


Personally, I think roguelikes are the best goof off at work games. I can pick one up, play a while, set it aside. The ASCII graphics make them look less game-like. However, relatively few people enjoy RLs, so yeah.