Looking for tax prep options. What have you tried/done?

I’ve always done my taxes by paper/pen. Rico has always used Turbo Tax but since they have added c-dilla to their program this year, we don’t want that on either one of our harddrives.

We’ve looked at TaxCut and TaxAct as alternatives.

Have any of you had experience with either of these programs?

Does anyone have any experience or ever hear of any other programs that might be worth looking into?

I’d like to hear your tax prep horror stories and your tax prep success stories.

One other thing, Rico is working a real job, of course, but I’m on Social Security Disability Income.

Last year was a total disaster since I’d been able to work a litte and it was in Utah. Rico had worked in both Washington state and California and we’d gotten married AND my disability had been approved after 5 years so we had the big lump sum payment to factor into our taxes.

Where am I going with all that story… we heard last year that my disability should be taxed and that it shouldn’t be taxed. Does anyone know for sure which is accurate? It’d be so much easier if someone who’s had experience with this can tell me here then if I have to go hunting through the IRS site to find the answer.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

And if anyone has any suggestions on how to get Rico to remember to bring his W-2 home, … :rolleyes:

I’ve used TaxAct for the last three years. Can’t beat the price and this year it found a tax deduction I didn’t know about.

I’ve always done my own taxes up until starting with TaxAct. It never struck me as being all that hard.

If you don’t like C_Dilla, go find the application that removes it from your system. Any newsgroup that covers software downloading, cracking and hacking should have it readily available. Worked like a charm for me. I can’t imagine doing it any other way but turbo tax. It’s fast, cheap, and you can keep your files for importing items next year, as well as make a .pdf out of your forms, so you can keep a computer file for 7 years instead of a big stack of papers.

I’ve always done things on paper because:
a)my taxes are completely uncomplicated, and
b)I’m too cheap to buy tax software.

So why am I posting? Just wanted to point out that the government’s trying to get more and more people to file electronically, and they’re offering free filing software to a lot of people. It’s standard commercial software, there’s different qualifiers (a lot are income based, but some are residency based, or other factors). There’s a really short (3 question) form you can fill out to see if you are eligible.

Sadly, I didn’t qualify for any of them, but thought I’d point it out for anyone who was interested.

I use the turbo tax software.

I like it. However, the one annoying thing was that you go all the way through and then it says you need to download another app to do your state taxes. So, you already have entered all the info for federal. You just give a card #, drop another 20-30 $ ( this was last year, I don’t remember exactly ) and they automatically compute the state taxes also.

It was lame to hit the user with a surprise fee at the end like that, but overall the software is good.