Looking for the Invisible Man

To be more specific, The Invisible Man tv series that ran on the Sci Fi Channel back at the turn of the century for a couple of seasons. Is it available on any of the networks available over the air, on cable, or the internet?

The series The Invisible Man from 1958 is available as a Roku channel.

Nope, but thanks.

Looks like it’s available on DVD or streaming on Hulu.

He’s right in front of you.

i remember that it came on fridays at 9 after cormans “dark scorpion” …back when sci-fi was starting to shift away from the “tv and movie classic reruns” original premise of the network and into its horror and supernatural phase and started trying more original stuff

i liked it but it was a blink and ya missed it series like everything else back then

I do not think it streams on Hulu.
Or anywhere right now.

I haven’t seen it anywhere.

Is this it on dvd @ Amazon?

I saw a link that suggested it was on Hulu but I just checked Hulu and it is indeed not there. Sorry about that.

that’s it! ThelmaLou wins … something …lol

I was expecting the '70s series with David McCallum. :frowning:

I, too, was expecting David McCallum.

I loved that show (in a “Golly, we can have Sci-Fi on TV now, with all those cool special effects!” kind of way).

That is definitely it.

There was another version of the Invisible Man that I remember. It might have been a feature film or maybe a TV pilot. My memory of this is very vague but I’m fairly certain it was roughly an early 1980’s production. All I really remember about it was that the protagonist became permanently invisible is some kind of accident, he was wearing something like a hooded wetsuit as the medics tried to treat him. He could become temporarily visible by running an electric charge through his body. As long as he was being … electrified you could see him. If the charge stopped, he went invisible again. Eventually, a small, wearable gizmo was provided to him that would let him become visible/invisible more or less as will.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense to sober people.

I’m fairly certain it wasn’t the David McCallum series because he used a mask to fake being visible. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Are you thinking of Gemini Man?

That’s The Gemini Man starring Ben Murphy.

Going to YouTube and searching “invisible man 2000” finds one episode.

Searching “gemini man 1976” finds the whole series.

But the “gemini man 1976” search doesn’t give me the 2000 series I am looking for.

My wife was a big fan of the 2000 series you’re remembering. It was cheesy, but had a neat premise; I was amused that the super-secret government agency he was working for used a Fish and Game Agency office for their cover. I think she has the DVD set that ThelmaLou linked to.