Looking for the name and author of a short story

I’m new here and looking for info.
30 years ago in college, I read a short story and I cannot remember the name or the author. Maybe someone here read it, too. I was taking a creative writing class at the University of Alabama. I don’t remember the Professor’s name either.
The gist of the story was a man driving across East Texas and comes upon a wreck. He ends by mentioning the smell of flowers either honeysuckle or wisteria.
This story was in a collection and I would like to try and buy the collection.

Thanks for any help!!

Doesn’t ring a bell, Thom, but if you don’t mind joining Goodreads you might get an answer from these guys. Good luck.

Can you tell us anything else about the story? is it a car wreck? Are there survivors? Does the narrator do anything that stands out in your memory, etc? Do you remember if there’s a reason why he mentions the smell of flowers?