Looking for the name of a couple book series from my long-ago youth.

My local library had a series about high school baseball players, and about all I can remember is that the catcher was Chet. Bad info, I know.

My high school had a series about two brothers in probably the 1930s, who were a racing team. This is where I learned the name Barney Oldfield, a pioneer in American racing, and who by total coincidence gave my grandmother driving lessons, she said. He was dating a girl in town, and would take locals out for lessons, probably to show what a nice guy he was, IDK.

Any one got some author ideas?

Any possibility you’re thinking of Chip Hilton? He was a catcher in the earlier books(along with playing basketball and football) before becoming a pitcher.

I was thinking it might be Bronc Burnett.

Wow, could be either one. I couldn’t tell at this point.