Looking for the title of a movie...

My friend is looking for the title of a movie and I figured if anyone knew it, he would likely be a doper.

The movie is of nudes mostly and depicts different small stories through ballet and dancing.

He remembers a little boy peing as he rides a swing, an encounter with the devil, and people wearing togas on some scenes.

It seemed to be an art piece given the dance and the stories. Anyone have any clue as to what the movie was? It seemed to be made in the 70’s or early eighties according to him.

The little boy on the swing peeing sounds an awful lot like Prospero’s Books, although nothing else described does, really.

I’ll still mention it because Prospero’s Books is very easy to misremember. (And the only Peter Greenaway movie that I can’t stand…)

I’ll second Larry Mudd’s call of Prospero’s Books:

[li]Nudes, check. (Loads of them all over the place.)[/li][li]Ballet-style dancing, check. (Not as in a normal staged performance of the Nutcracker, more like a series of tableaux.)[/li][li]Little boy on swing, peeing, check. (It’s the sprite Ariel.)[/li][li]Togas, check.[/li][li]Encounter with the devil… hmmm, don’t remember that as such, unless Kinthalis’s friend is thinking of Caliban? It’s been a while since I saw the movie, however.[/li][li]70’s or early 80’s? No, 1991, but perhaps that’s not a deal-killer— depending on when the friend saw the movie.[/li][/ul]

Incidentally, I really enjoyed Prospero’s Books (it helps that The Tempest is one of my favorite plays). I’m now thinking of renting it on DVD to see if I can actually understand it as well as enjoy it this time!

Kinthalis, get your friend to look at this essay. The embedded images are links to short Quicktime movies, which should jog your friend’s memory even if the test doesn’t.

Thanks guys, it was indeed Prospero’s Books. :slight_smile: