Looking for way to get my Mac on automatically

Is there any software available to make my Mac turn itself on automatically at a certain time? I should have asked this sooner, becuase I already ordered a CD/alarm clock thing to get me up, but I’d still like to know if such software is available for my G3. Thanks.

Go to the Energy Saver control panel.
Click on the thing that says
“Startup the Computer”. Set the time.
This is in System 8.6.1.

Haven’t tried it, but I don’t know what else it would do…

Oh, yeah. That will turn on your Mac automagically.

Yeah, you know those timer things that turn lights on and off automatically? Well, if you don’t, I can’t help you. But you can use that.

It differs from model to model; most (but not all; my PowerBook doesn’t) Macs that start if you hit the power-on switch on the keyboard will auto-start themselves. Older (7.5 through 7.6?) versions of the OS contained a Control Panel called Auto On/Off, which I use at home on my aging 7100. As mentioned above, the Energy Saver CP takes over this function in later versions of the OS.

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The question seems kind of vague.

On a PC, you can set the bios to turn on the computer at any time.

You can set the bios to turn the computer on if someone calls the computer. This is nifty cause you can then set it to load truetech video cam software which takes about 3 minutes, then you can visit the net, login to your personal truetech site & SEE into the room! nifty.