Looking for words like vandal, thug, assassin

I’m looking for more words to describe people that come from ethnic/religious groups. Any language is fine.

Vandal - from the Germanic tribe
Cannibal - from the Caribe tribe
Thug - from the Indian Thuggee cult
Assassin - from an Islamic sect

Here’s one from Dutch:
The Dutch word for heretic is ketter which comes from Cathar.



Infidel comes from Latin words for “not faithful,” not from the name of a tribe or ethnic group.

Bugger - from Bulgar.
Goth - from the, you know, Goths.

Slaves - from Slavs

Welcher or welsher.
In WWII, the Germans referred to enemy fighter planes as “Indianer” - Indians.

Apache (especially as used in France).

I presume the OP is looking for words, originally names for ethnic groups, that are now used to describe types of people outside these groups. What group is called goyim besides goyim? (“Gentile” I’ll grant you.)

Bohemian, perhaps?

If that is what he is looking for, it doesnt fit very well. "I’m looking for more words to describe people that come from ethnic/religious groups. " is kinda vague and based upon the literal meaning, Goyim fits. Goy just meant “nation” originally, and the connotation has changed to mean “non-Jew”.

Berserk is derived from the Viking berserker warriors
Myrmidon, from the warriors led by Achilles at Troy
Turk, in the sense of young Turk, or the derogatory sense of someone who is fierce or brutal


It’s not exactly explicit in the OP, but that’s what all the examples are. Otherwise French, German, Japanese, etc would also fit. I presume he’s looking for something more specific.

Wild Feejee, for anyone who’s acting wild.


That’s a good one.

Also, spartan.

Arab, in the sense of street Arab

Lesbian, from the island of Lesbos, home of the poet Sappho (see also “sapphic”).