Looking for years to find title of a 1970's short film

I saw a short film in grade school, way back, which was made I think 1973 or thereabouts, and for years I’ve tried searching keys words, video searches etc to no avail, except two or three people who saw it too, but didn’t know the title either. If anyone could help me it’d be incredible. Plot: A family, living underground, in the future are celebrating their daughter’s birthday. She receives two passes to go aboveground with her father. They put on hazmat suits and explore a polluted Earth rendered unlivable. At one point they enter a museum and listen to a recording mentioning a " food disaster ’ . They return and the daughter remarks that it’s beautiful up there. Does anyone recognize this?

No, nor does mrAru but if we ever discover the title I would be interested in seeing it.

Does UCLA film school have a stump the professional forum somewhere?

It almost sounds like one of those funky foreign films from Kukla, Fran and Ollie but those tended to be wierd from behind the Iron Curtain films made in the 50s and 60s I watched in the late 60s.

I don’t think this is it, but Rolf Forsberg’s ARK dates from then and has broadly similar setting:

The movie Ark (1970), directed by Rolf Forsberg, was shown in grade schools, just like the one mentioned in the OP. The plot doesn’t quite match, but it’s similar. hurdygurdymn, could you watch it on YouTube and see if it really is the film you saw? Don’t use the link that Lumpy gives. The link to the YouTube film within that link doesn’t allow you to show it at full screen. Go to YouTube and do a search on the terms Ark, 1970, and movie. Among the things that come up are Ark part 1 and Ark part 2.

Ark was the movie that kept coming up during many searches, it isn’t it, but it is indeed similar both topic and timewise.

Could it have been something by Ray Bradbury?