Looking to buy a Nintendo Switch. Better to buy on Black Friday or Cyber-Monday?

Near as I can tell the Switch will not be on sale but games and accessories probably will be.

Better to buy today (Black Friday) or wait till Cyber Monday?

I doubt there will be any sales on the system itself, so you might as well get one while it’s in stock.

Agreed. If you already have your hands on one, don’t let it go.

Is Cyber Monday even really a thing anymore? Seems like it’s now just “Black Friday Week” across the board, starting Wednesday or Thursday and going on through early next week.

Is there even an excess supply of Switches that one can just order one whenever and not worry about staking out the exact times that they become available? That’s what it was like for months after it came out, and I lost interest. Even as recent as a month ago or so based on the local availability I was seeing searching for them I think I couldn’t just walk into a local store and buy one, which is what I want to do - not order it online and wait for it to be delivered. The only ordering online I might do is from Wal-mart because they can ship to store for free (and that’s the only time I ever buy anything there), but even then I’d have to wait for it. Maybe others do that now, I don’t know, but regardless, no one had excess stock sitting around.

Supposedly it’s “Cyber Monday” because people would return to work from the holiday and waste their office hours covertly doing their holiday shopping online. It dates back to 2005 when a lot of people either didn’t have home internet or else had slow dial-up connections so it actually made sense that you’d wait until you were sucking down office bandwidth to start your online buying sprees.

Now fast internet speeds and capable home computers (tablets, phones, etc) are commonplace and it’s more of marketing thing than anything else.