Looks like Malaysian Airlines is rolling pennies for gas money.

Remember Malaysian Airlines, which seemingly couldn’t catch a break, with one plane disappearing mysteriously, and another accidentally shot down by Ukrainian seperatists? Well, I guess low oil prices aren’t helping them much, because they’ve been banning checked luggage on long flights for fear that the extra weight might cause their planes to run out of fuel. :eek:

I honestly don’t know what else to say. Are these guys so broke that they can’t afford to give their planes enough fuel?

Remind me never to fly that airline!:eek:

There’s your explanation right there.

Just wondering…

If you were an airline afraid of getting bombs/incendiaries in checked luggage, how would YOU explain the reason for your new “no checked baggage” rule?
p.s. - are they still carrying cargo on their flights? If they are, then the baggage rule is not about weight.

p.p.s. - in the US (and likely a whole bunch of other places), the amount of fuel is set by regulation - and they regs say “enough to get there plus enough to go around and/or divert to second airport”.

CNN article says they’re using an older plane with less flying time/range than newer planes that other airlines are using. IMHO, It would be much better to bump a few passengers & their luggage quietly than let everyone know about this by affecting everyone. Yeah, like most people flying internationally want to go w/o luggage.