"Loose Change" 9/11 conspiracy thing - what does the title refer to?

I’m not asking about the claims it makes, nor am I looking for any discussion about them. Make another thread if you must.

I’m just curious what the “Loose Change” in the title is referring to.

According to RationalWiki, Nobody Knows…

I assume it’s a reference to the paranoid ramblings of a mentally decrepit homeless man, to whom you might throw some ‘loose change’.

Maybe it’s their budget?

I figure the intention was the idea of searching around for all the bits of loose change. After a while it all starts to ‘add up’.

Piling assertions together without regard for logic seems to be a typical approach for conspiracy theorists.

I thought it was some regional version of “loose screws,” to indicate the screws loose in the head of anyone stupid enough to believe that shit?

I thought the original fiction movie those guys were going to make was called “Loose Change,” and if we ever saw the original script, it would be clear. But they kept the name even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the film as it got made.

(This is not a snarky answer - they were originally going to make a fictional movie about a kid discovering 9/11 was an inside job. Their research convinced them there really was a coverup).

More like their backer was convinced and they needed the money. They fact that they’ve continually disavowed the more outrageous claims supports this.