Looters breaking into a Subway restaurant, what's there to steal?

Watching local news and they showed video of looters breaking into multiple fast food restaurants and carrying things out.

My question is, what is there to steal at a place like McDonald’s or Subway that makes it so attractive to looters? At least pharmacies and liquor stores make sense in that there’s a ton of merchandise and valuables to steal but what’s there to steal at Subway?

There’s quite a bit of food components. I worked at Burger King back in the day and a looter could make off with months’ worth of frozen patties, hundreds of buns, pounds of cheese, gallons of different condiments, and some vegetables. If the looter had a working deep fryer, then there were plenty of frying goods, too.

Imagining what a subway would have on hand, there would be lots of bottled drinks, including milk, sliced deli meats, cheese, condiments, and maybe other makings. I don’t don’t think their bread and cookies would be usable without baking.

Also there’d be one or two computers to steal and even a safe, if they can get it out of there.

I like them green straws in a Subway.

I suspect they think there might be money to grab. Or they’re idiots who just wanna loot and pillage for jollies.

I’d steal those condiment bottles that open from the bottom.

But after they turn the place upside down, they’ll open from the top, just like every other bottle.

Also, people will steal ANYTHING. Including what’s bolted down.

The cookies at Subway are pretty darned good.

My guess - less security than other establishments such as banks, bars.

I saw on the news where the looters looted a dollar store. I was like, WTF? A DOLLAR store? Seriously? Why bother!? And there was a liquor store right next to it!

The one that made me shake my head was the Adidas shoe store. I saw one guy had 3 shoe boxes. He dropped 2 shoes outta the boxes. He’s gonna be short a pair or two.
One guy was grabbing them off display shelves. You know he didn’t get a whole pair.

I have no idea what they would want at Subway. At McDonald’s they were probably after sesame-seed buns, all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles, and onions. Maybe a bit of lettuce too.

Looters and thieves gotta eat, too, I guess.

A 12-pack of those plastic champagne flutes, with the separate bases? Jumbo stack of beer coasters?

A lot of rioting and looting seems to be as much about the smashing and burning as the stealing.

Subways olives must be worth something. My daughter worked at a Subway in high-school, and they had to count the number of olives they put on a sammich.

I can just see them getting back home and one guy saying to the other:

Looter One: “Yeah! I got 2 pairs of Jordans from the FootLocker!”

Looter Two: “Sweet! I got a gallon of Sweet Onion sauce from Subway? Crap.”

I suppose those little bags of potato chips are worth grabbing. Except the SunChips. Even looters would leave them there.

The one that puzzled me was the eyeglass store. What are they going to do with frames, for heaven’s sake? It’s not like they have a resale value.

Community theater.

It’s simply a crime of opportunity. These people are not stealing eyeglasses because they can’t afford prescriptions or cat food to feed their starving cats. It’s mindless “FREE! I’ve gotta fill my arms with something. Grab everything I can see, FREE SHIT!”