Lord Jim has "The Touch"

Jim does PC repair for fun and profit. So I took my computer to his place the other night to add some memory and get a CD burner.

Besides which, it was making this really nasty grinding noise when I turned it on.

So when I got there we fired up the computer and I told Jim to listen for this nasty sound.

He didn’t hear anything - neither did I. And it was still nice and quiet when I got home and turned it on.

This is how you tell a good PC tech. He just lays his hands on the computer and it’s healed! Praise the Lord! (Lord Jim, that is)


Congrats on your quiet computer! I think when Lord Jim opened the case and started moving stuff around to insert memory/CD burner, he prolly moved a wire that was brushing against the fan. That’s why it wasn’t making the noise when he put it back together.

Hate to spoil the magic, as I’m sure Lord Jim is a fine person.
Enjoy the silence!

No, Jim has the Power!

Joseph, our hardware guy at work, can do the same. He can lay his hands on your grungy old 486 (the one with so much dust inside that it smokes if you leave it on too long), and it immediately becomes a Pentium. Sometimes he throws his head back and starts to shake: “I feel the POWER!!!”, and that 486 turns into a fully-loaded P4. He’s quick, too. One of our faculty swears he turned away to answer the phone, and by the time he hung up there was an upgraded PC on his desk. All he saw was a shadow disappearing down the hall…


I did once bring in some chicken bones to lay on a modem that was acting up. It didn’t do that any more.