Lord of the Rings -- Deleted Scene?

I don’t think it was in the book, either…
Frodo is pondering the ring, and the heavy responsibility it represents. He pours some milk on the table, and stares into it morosely.

He begins to have visions.

Gandalf comes into the room, and orders the young hobbit to desist immediately, that such a technique can only lead to false or meaningless visions.

“Why” asks the bewildered hobbit.

“It’s no use scrying over spilled milk.”


Yes, that I know that was dairy bad of me, it’s worse if you know Scrying is a Wiccan/New Age technique of meditation by unfocusing the mind and staring into a mirror, water, fire, or what have you, to see what visions or thougts come.

Booo, hisss!

Ok, I laughed.

Sorry, man, but now I gotta kill ya…

[del]Mooo! Moooo!!![/del]

Er, I mean

Booo!! Booo!!!


You realize, of course, that you’ve suckered countless LOTR geeks (me, for one) into opening this thread, only to read a bad pun that’s comprehensible only to Wiccans.

Banishment is too good for you.

I kid, I kid.

That gag is cheesy!

Whey do you get these curdled notions?
Ice cream every time I read the OP. :smiley:

Or people who have played D&D-inspired computer games.

Or anyone who’s heard the word “scrying” before, which I, until now, thought every English speaker had.

Perhaps you should take a poll.

or scry for poles, letts and other people of eastern european heritage.

Is this one of those things where people pretend there’s comedy to be derived from the fact that a word happens to sound something like a different word?

I believe it is called a “punne”.

Ask it if it is a “punne”. If it does not answer, hit it with a stick. If it does answer, hit it with a stick.

Don’t scry for me, Ike and Ti-i-i-i-ina!

This would be much better as a shaggy dog style joke. You have to make it waay longer. I’m going to stretch it out and start telling it to my friends.

Groanability factor of 10.

i’ve just skimmed through this thread.

You just made the Baby Jesus scry.

I was hoping this was about some scene where Arwen and Eowyn mud wrestled over Aragorn.