"Lord of the Rings" Stratego game

We bought this for our eight-year-old son a few months ago, and have had a lot of fun with it. If you play, do you have any favorite tactics? Mine include:

  • If you’re playing the good guys, have at least one of your three attack routes blocked with Strongholds, with Elven bowmen and either Faramir or Legolas stationed behind. They can stop virtually any attack at a distance before the enemy can break through your Strongholds, and this allows you to concentrate your forces elsewhere.

  • If you’re playing the bad guys, make full use of the Uruk-hai and Beserkers’ special attack powers. You can really do a lot of damage with them before they hit a higher-ranked piece and are lost.

  • Don’t completely surround your Flag with Strongholds, but leave spaces for pieces ranked higher than #3, to kill any Orcs or Men of Gondor, depending on who’s opposing you. That way, an attacking #3 can’t pierce your wall of Strongholds and immediately go for your Flag, leaving you helpless to stop it.

For instance, if you have your flag in the left-hand corner of your board, arrange the pieces like this:

4 S

where the 4 is a piece ranked 4 or higher, S is a Stronghold and F is the Flag. Or, if you have your Flag along your back row, consider this placement:

4 S 4

This lets you kill an attacking 3 (Orc or Man of Gondor) no matter from what direction he’s attacking.

  • And, of course, have your Spy (Eowyn or Grima) near your #9 piece (Aragorn or Saruman), but out of arrow range of the enemy, to pounce if the enemy’s #10 attacks.