Lorenzen Wright Murder Solved But Can a 6 11 man Weigh 56lbs

…at his death. It doesn’t seem possible that a man of that size can weigh 56 pounds and still be ambulatory?

Man charged in slaying of Lorenzen Wright http://es.pn/2nu9eJR
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Not when he’s a corpse.


He was only missing for 10 days. How much weight could he possibly lose?

It depends on how hungry the local wildlife was

Bones comprise about 15% of the body’s weight, or about 34 pounds in this case. This implies that most of the muscle mass had decomposed or been consumed by scavengers.

But to answer your question, he obviously didn’t weigh “57 pounds at his death.” His body was reduced by about 110 pounds after death, which is feasible if most of the flesh was removed.

These two answers make sense.

All but 57 pounds.

Just a sidetrack, 225 is pretty insanely skinny for someone that is 6’11"!

You burn a lot of calories dragging Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

The phrase “badly decomposed” makes me ask, what is the alternative? Properly decomposed. Beautifully decomposed.

He doesn’t seem inordinately thin in photos. Wikipedia lists his weight as 255. Basketball Reference does have him at 225.

Exquisitely decomposed, and ready to drink the new wine.

I’ve seen both “preserved” and “mummified”. Mummification can happen sort of spontaneously in very-dry areas.

It’s shorthand for “really decomposed, you know, to the level where it looks really bad.”

Well-decomposed. Which means exactly the same thing. Such a country!

I was thinking badly injured was a good comparison, but can one say “well injured”?