Lori Loughlin and husband plead guilty and get short prison stays

She gets 2 months, he gets 5. Plus fines and community service.


Not that short-- if they had just pled guilty in the first place they probably would have gotten a couple weeks, like Felicity Huffman got.

Their lawyer may have convinced them they could beat the charges. Or maybe they ignored his/her advice and rolled the dice.

Thank heaven, I can finally go to sleep in peace without those two hardened criminals on the loose.

By all accounts they were in deep denial that they were really in that much trouble and thought the charges were a bluff. Apparently all their advisors were screaming at them to admit guilt and settle from the get go, because federal prosecutors don’t tend to file charges unless they have very good evidence they’re going to win in court. But Giannulli and Loughlin refused to buckle until reality finally smacked them in the face.

I met a federal public defender and she said 95% of defendants take plea deals. The only ones who don’t are people with nothing to lose such as people facing life or death penalty. I assume the numbers are similar for state courts but not quite that high.

Yes thank god that in our plutocratic, oligarchical society run by a treasonous criminal that law enforcement is putting people in prison for bribing colleges.

Not that minor crimes should be ignored, they shouldn’t. But the rot at the root of our system is allowed to fester while law enforcement trims a few branches on the periphery.

There are people who molest kids that don’t do prison time. That’s pretty amazing to me when these 2 are doing time.

I’m all for them doing time just because they are assholes. And it should have been measured in years, not weeks.

I’d prefer, for all of the people implicated, no jail time but a shit load of community service. Like 1000 hours and they have to choose from a selected list of charities so it’s not easy work. They’ll probably end up with home confinement in their mansion and we’re all pretty much home confined anyway. They can get their housekeeper to get their groceries.

What really sucks is how much the daughter, who they did all this for, is such an ingrate.

Yeah people who do violent or sexual crimes who are allowed to plea with just community service is just bizarre. I thought we were supposed to throw the book at those types of crimes?

Did she ask for them to do it?

That one older daughter gets on my last nerve. I don’t blame them for fighting the charges. I had no idea donating your child’s way into a school was illegal. I always thought it was a thing; if Mommy & Daddy can afford to donate a significant amount or build a new library their children were assured admission. I can see where they might have thought that’s what they were doing and not realized it was a literal bribe.

I guess the world can now rest safely because Aunt Becky is in the slammer. :rolleyes:

It was more than donating money in exchange for an admission. To be able to do that is way more money than your typical celebrity has. They aren’t billionaires.

Their scheme involved fraud and literally kept out a deserving person who really did work hard to get a real athletic scholarship. They knew dam well it wasn’t legal and as we know, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

As I said upthread, I don’t think that jail time is appropriate either but they deserve punishment. A huge fine and tons of community service is more appropriate. They may have gotten that if they hadn’t have fucked around for so long and just plead guilty in the first place.

I think the main problem is the lying about them being athletes. The government says that is mail and wire fraud. If parents donate money and kids get in I don’t think that’s a crime. As you say that’s very common. I know of a family who were super big Clemson fans, their whole house was full of Clemson stuff. Their daughter did not get into to Clemson so the parents got real mad and got rid of all the Clemson stuff. Maybe they should have donated more.

Again, they did not donate anything to the school. Coaches of sports are given a number of “free” admissions - the students still have to meet some academic requirements, but then the coaches can admit them in order to help the team. They bribed the rowing coach to claim that their daughter was a rower who would help the team, which is what got her admitted. USC did not benefit from this at all. Very different from someone buying a new building for a university that will benefit thousands of students.

That’s the real issue. Tanya McDowell got five years for registering her kid in the wrong school district, but she’s poor and black and thus lives under different rules the plutocrats. That’s what people should be losing sleep over.

Coaches cannot admit students. What they can do is to ask that the requirements be lower for athletes and at big time schools that happens routinely. But there are cases where a top recruit is not admitted and has to go to his 2nd choice school. A guy may not get into UCLA and end up at Fresno St. . the schools not in the ACC,SEC,Big 12, Big 10 and Pac 12 typically are easier to get into. That would be Mountain West, American, CUSA , MAC, and similar conferences . They are still division I teams.

I got a chuckle when I heard the lead-in to the story on the radio today: “Lori Loughlin and her designer husband…”

Designer husband? Is that like a trophy wife?