Lortab, Lorcet, Vicodin, what's the difference?

I’ve recently had some major dental work done including 6 crowns. My dentist prescribed Hydrocodone/APAP 7.5 to relive my pain. My prescription ran out, and while waiting for the real crowns to be finished (I have temps in now), my aunt gave me a few vicodins. While that may not be the exact same medicine it does help with the pain. And I don’t need that many to require a full refill of the hydrocodone. The crowns should be done way before a refill ran out. But before taking the vicodin I looked up some literature on it. And it seems it’s also hydrocodone. Seems that lorcet, lortab, vicodin, vicoprofen all have the same basic pain reliever. Why the different names, and prices? Some seem even come in the same dosage (5, 7.5, 10). What’s the real difference between them?

I think they’re just produced by different companies under licence. You can get hydrocodone/ibuprofen mixes too, but they seem less common - Vicoprofen is one. It’s like Oxycodone/acetaminophen combinations - it’s marketed under different brand names - Roxicet, percocet, tylox. I imagine that the tylox one is made by the same company that makes tylenol, where as the others are made by different companies.

Different companies charge different amounts to the pharmacies for it, & different health care prescription schemes charge differently for different name brand drugs (mine is $10 for generic version, $20 for some, favoured, brand name drugs, & $40 for other brand name drugs). Generics are cheaper because they no longer have to pay a licence to the original discovering company to manufacture & sell them.

I can’t give you a more definitive answer, as all I really know is from some research I did after my kidney op & I was checking up on side effects/effectiveness/alternatives (I found the lortabs did nothing for me pain-wise. Fortunately, I was very vocal about that & so they gave me Roxicet after the second op & it did :D).

I did find http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/hp.asp very useful for looking up drugs/side effects & their related names & book marked at the time. I’m not sure how much use it will be to you for this specific question as it doesn’t list the drugs by manufacturer & I never bookmarked those sites, as they didn’t have the info I needed.

Hope this helps a little at least.

Lorcet is made by Forest Pharmaceuticals, Lortab is made by UCB Pharma, and Vicodin is made by Knoll Laboratories. They’re all hydrocodone and acetominophen (APAP).

vicoprofen is hydrocodone and ibuprofen. Lortab ASA is hydrocodone and aspirin.

Ok I understand the price difference now, and why there are so many brands. But if they all are hydrocodone/APAP, save vicoprofen, is there any advantage at all on going name brand? Are they time released different? It does not look that way to me, the generic hydrocodone and vicoden did not seem to have a coating. Which I’ve only seen on time released meds like oxcycotin. If there is not a difference at all, then why would anyone ever go name brand, or for that matter why would pharmacies ever carry the more expensive meds?

Because you can sell the brand-name drugs on the street for more money than you can sell the generics. Here in the hydrocodone capital of TN, this is a real problem. Around here, asking for Brand Lortab, Vicodin, or Lorcet screams “I’m selling it”. So, a few independent pharmacies I know of do stock the brand names, and really jack up the price.

miatachris, R.Ph.
“I’m out of the brand name, I only have the generic”

Because there are a lot of people out there who associate “brand name” and “more expensive” with “better” and “higher quality.” (For the most part, when dealing with prescription medications, that’s a false assumption.)