Los Angeles Dopers: Did Mulholland ever get paved all the way through?

Quick question, really. Years ago, I drove along Mulholland a couple of times, between Topanga and Studio City, and for a considerable stretch it still wasn’t paved. The first time it happened, it was at night, and proved to be an unnerving experience in a standard passenger car.

Is there still that stretch of dirt road, or is it all paved now?

Back in the 60’s I seem to recall a dirt streach near Studio City. But in the 80’s I used to drive from Studio City to the 405 on a semi regular basis when I would deliver a Jag to one of our customers. It was all pavement then.

Didn’t even realize there was a dirt stretch, I just thought it stopped and started again. So yes, there is still a break in the paved road. Love to ride down there on the motorcycle.

From Studio City to the 405 it’s always been paved AFAIK, and is today. That stretch is has houses and side streets all along it, so a lot of people drive it every day. But I’m talking about east of the 405 to Topanga Canyon, which is considerably less developed.

Back when I was in college in the mid 1980s my roommate took me for a ride out there in his MGB and yes, it was paved.

I never noticed an unpaved section in my recent drives there. What part exactly are you referring to?
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