Los Olvidados (Spoilers)

What a brutal film to watch. This is the first time that I actually wished for an uplifting ending while watching a film. I fervently hoped Pedro return to the State Farm, and El Jaibo be jailed.

In just two surrealist sequences, Luis Bunuel captures the essence of potential sociopaths. The desire for love and warmth, especially from their parents. In the first surrealist sequence, Pedro hallucinates about being “good”, and yearns to make his Mom proud of him while simultaneously displaying anger at her attitude towards him. If I self-indulgently imagined a large chunk of meat , I wouldn’t know in what context to play out the indulgence. Bunuel found it by creating a scene where Pedro’s Mom refuses to give him meat.

While the narrative at the beginning of the film speaks of a progressive society (with strong undertones of sympathy towards communism?) I take my hats off to the director for the courage to portray Jaibo’s character. Bunuel did not try to explain Jaibo or arouse our sympathy for him but portrayed him for the soulless sociopath he was. Yet, he convinced me that people like Jaibo are, in a sense, “victims”. That was a difficult thing to pull off.

Very different from the other Bunuel films, and something that wil stay in my mind for a long time. Any comments?

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