Lose kilos of belly fat with this one simple technique

I’m sure you’ve all see those ads that promise a lean, flat tummy if you just follow this one simple method/eat this one thing/cut out this food, etc.

I’ve looked at a few but they never actually get to the key fact. Either it times out or they ask for money before proceeding to the grand finale.

Has anyone ever watched these videos to the very end and if so what is the great trick and is there any medical basis to it?

Eat less and exercise more?

Just a guess.

The simple technique is: eat fewer calories than you burn.
There, I said it - and it didn’t cost you anything.

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I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer you requested, but I’m going to keep checking back to the thread to see if anyone comes up with something.

I’ll also remark that WAGs (Wild-Assed Guesses) are frowned up on in GQ (at least for the first few responses), but my WAG is that every single online ad of that type is a lead-in to a sales pitch that could be legitimately characterized as a scam (at least colloquially, if not legally).

It doesn’t work unless it’s a weird tip invented by a local mom.

Thanks Kaylasdad99, I used to visit here years ago but forgot my log in name so created a new persona just now.

The other similar ad is the one about “plastic surgeons hate this” and there’s a pic of an old lady looking younger due to this miraculous technique anyone can follow at home.

I just always wonder what these tricks are.

The only trick involved is the one that gets you to click on the ad and hand over your money.

There are actually three steps

  1. Eat less
  2. Exercise more
  3. Dispose of excess income

The “one simple trick” is to find out which one of those is optional.

You need to be careful, there are a lot of anal people around who are going to report you for this. Including me cause you’re probably a spammer.

It is twice as effective if she has two kids, three times if… :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought local moms where supposed to know a sexy trick, not a weird one. Dang, I might have just wasted 5 bucks.

My one simple technique for loose belly fat is to have a kid.
You can have the secret for free.


The problem with asking this question here is that this isn’t the sort of messageboard that attracts people who click such links.

Calm down. Spammers don’t ask legitimate questions and they inevitably include links to whatever they are spamming.

I wish. Lately they’re getting more sophisticated. On one board I moderate they often won’t even post a link at all in their first message, and their questions/comments often sound fairly on-topic and at least marginally intelligent.

I can still smell the canned meat from many yards away, and ban their sorry selves immediately. However, sometimes I have to take all of 5-8 seconds to figure out if they’re spamming.


Seriously, if you remember the email address that was affiliated with your old screen name, contact a mod, and they can get it straightened out for you.

If it’s any inducement, you could have a lot of fun reading some of your own posts from years ago. :slight_smile:

Not really. We had one about 1 question on the boards a few years ago that asked a question about the exact kind of link: the one about a mystical teeth whitening trick, invented by a local mom. Answered by many Dopers. It is a legitimate question, if not a legitimate OP.

Or, more accurately, it IS a message board that attracts people who ask about such links.

Unfortunately it was many years, several computers and multiple email addresses ago.

I’ll try to participate in some bland topics soon so I don’t get banned for possible spam.

While we’re on the topic, can someone tell me the trick to learning any language in ten days? I keep seeing the “language professors hate him” ads, but I can’t fathom what they actually say.

I saw that ad on my Facebook page just the other day and the accompanying photo was of a clearly pregnant woman so I can only assume the technique is ‘give birth’.