Lose your cell phone fall off the grid

I somehow managed to lose my cell phone last night, Anyway today was a lesson in survival and trying to function without your phone.

Thankfully Verizion was abel to put all of my 239 contacts back into my new phone.

I never realized that your whole life is pretty much gone if you lose your phone.

If you have ever lost your phone you know where i am coming from.:smack:

Backup Assistant usually comes preinstalled on Verizon phones. It was free only if you subscribe to online billing, although it looks like it might be free for everyone now. Yeah, you basically did the same thing, but this keeps you from having to go all the way to the store and everything. Glad it worked out. I’ve never lost a phone but I can imagine.

I lost my phone once. I couldn’t imagine how. I had my contacts all backed up on my PC, though, so I was able to configure the replacement phone easily. I thought everybody had some kind of PC syncing set up these days? Still, it sucked for the few days I was without.

Anyway, I rearranged the living room furniture a year later and found the damn phone wedged all the way behind the couch cushions, where the actual structural back and seat meet. Never found it just from vacuuming under the cushions before that. For an entire year. :smack:

I looked thru both couches and everything and it had just vanished.
I know i lost it walking back from my friends house.

Next time i will just leave it at home where its safe, its horrible because you cant function at all without your phone anymore.

I almost screwed up getting hired on a new job today because i was off the grid bigtime.

I cant imagine life today without my trusty cell phone.

Indeed, it must have been a real survival experience. Out of curiosity, how many hours did it take before you seriously considered cannibalism?

When I read the thread title, I thought it was going to be a call to action. I often want to go completely off the grid, be completely unreachable. No email, no phone, no being pestered by anyone. I haven’t chucked the damn thing into a canyon by now, though, because what you say is sadly true: so much of my life is tied up in being reachable at all times.

What a sad state of affairs.

I need my cellphone so much that i have to leave it at home.

Sunday is off day for me. Even the fancy smart phones still have an “off” button! I still get DVD’s from Netflix, just so I can watch shows or movies without turning on the computer and be tempted to check FB and email and such.

Phone’s back on at midnight, though, just to make sure the world didn’t blow up while it was off. Lame.

I don’t even have a cell phone. I do have an equivalent failure point though; my computer. My computer goes down, that’s when I’m “off the grid”.

Thats some good advive my good friend

Actually, i was mocking your hysterical whining about your cellphone, and the silliness of your argument that it’s so essential that you can’t be without it, but also so essential that you’ll leave it at home so you won’t lose it. Leaving it at home means that you don’t have it, which in turn means that you must be able to get by without having it with you all the time.

It would be no problem for me. I barely use it, and I’m 24. It would suck to lose computer access though.