losing 20-30 pounds

hey guys… wonderign if anyone could shed some light on shedding a few pounds (zing!)

im trying to lose a few pounds without really killing a diet…

lookign for a workout plan that works if any of you cna sugest…

im considrign running every seccond day

im aobut 230 and 6 foot 18 years old
alot of muscle there because of my years in hockey.
im a semi slave to fast food.

let me know :slight_smile:

It isn’t the fastest way, but I lost about 25 pounds in 5-6 months last year by gasp eating less. Seriously: I quit going back for seconds, and made myself stop eating a lot when I was only a little hungry. And I made myself stop eating when I was no longer hungry.

It was remarkably painless, and really easy. I didn’t excercise any more than I had before, and I didn’t cut certain foods out of my diet. Most Americans eat too much, anyway.

Anyway, that’s what I did – YMMV. :slight_smile:

did u eat fast food at all


all that jazz

and how much exercise?

fact: to burn 1 lb of fat, you must consume 3500 calories less than you burn per day.

At 230 lbs. you burn about 2500 calories just “existing”. You need to add in excercise. Generally, 15 minutes of aerobics or most moderate exercise equals about 150 calories…maybe a little more.

SO…if you burn say 3000 calories a day being moderatly active, and you eat 2500…every 7 days you will lose around 1 pound of body fat.

Disregard week one, when you can easily drop 5 pounds of glucose and water that is stored with it.

To average 2 pounds per week, eat 7000 calories less per week than you burn.

Generally, about 1.5 is good per week, and 2 is aggressive.

An awesome article…really: http://www.howstuffworks.com/diet.htm

Also…search www.google.com for ‘calorie calculators’ which will find you some food calcs and some exercise calcs that are essential to planning your goal.

While fast food is more fatty than other types of food, you can cut back on it, as stargazer said, without cutting it out altogether.

Instead of a double quarter pounder, just get a regular quarter pounder, or a regular cheeseburger. Instead of super sizing, get the regular size fries that come with it.

It’s the same with sugars. Don’t cut them out altogether. Just cut back on them. You’re young and active, so modifying your eating habits in this way will probably result in a fairly quick weight loss.

I, too, lost about 30 pounds or so roughly ten years ago by eating at mealtime only; no between-meal snacks, no munching in the evening. And I stopped taking second helpings at mealtime. It took about 7 months, but by golly, it worked, and I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of food I liked, nor that I was starving.

Unfortunately, I gained it all back and then some when I switched jobs and my eating habits changed. But I’m back to doing it, in hopes that I can hit my fighting weight around the summer.

In many ways, it’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat. If you have a relatively healthy diet, then just cut back, and limit snacks that have worthless calories.

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Thanks for the article and the info guys…haha Dave Im a Dirty Mother for eating between meals and Im even worse at typing/grammer/puncuation :slight_smile:

Ill do my best