Losing team championship shirts in Africa: true?

I don’t know if this is a UL or not, but many, many times, I’ve heard that t-shirts pre-printed with what turns out to be the losing team before a championship sports game or tournament, are shipped off to Africa. There’s stories of children and adults in poor African nations wearing Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl championship shirts, but I’ve ever seen proof; a photo of such a shirt or anyone wearing one.

Is this a UL, or do pre-printed shirts featuring the losing team of a championship game or series really get shipped off to Africa?

This article says the shirts go to World Vision and on to Africa.

ETA:These are NFL shirts, NBA ships overseas to a charity, MBL destroys them.

I can only speak to one case. When the NFL was selecting a city for an expansion franchise in the 1990s, the backers in St. Louis had thousands of shirts printed up for the announcement of the St. Louis Stallions.

Jacksonville got the franchise and the St. Louis shirts were destroyed.

I have no doubt a couple have survived as souvenirs, but not in Africa.

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Here in Minneapolis, the home of General Mills & Wheaties, when our Minnesota Twins were in the 1987 World Series, they had two semi-trucks parked outside the stadium at the 7th game, one filled with boxes saying “World Champions Minnesota Twins” and one saying “World Champions St. Louis Cardinals”. After the Twins won, they opened the one and began selling the boxes as souvenirs to the departing crowd.

The other truck was quietly driven away, and the boxes later opened, and the inside bags of Wheaties removed and put back into the assembly line to go into other boxes. The old boxes were destroyed (recycled). But despite company security, a few employees managed to save one of those boxes as their own souvenir. The official Twins World Champion boxes still appear for sale for around $60-$75. The Cardinals ones would be much rarer, and so much more valuable if offered for sale.