Losotho clothing?

I foudn a tag on an article of clothign that said Made in Losotho.
Never heard of it!
Not much clothign is probably made there.
Where is it?

I am sorry.
I must type slower and spell correctly.
I apologize.

It’s Lesotho, and it’s a part of South Africa.

Close, but not quite. Lesothois, in fact, an independent country. It is completely surrounded by South Africa, but it has its own sovereignty. Historically, it’s an odd remnant of British colonial policies and Apartheid.

Well, considering that there are fewer than two million people there, not much I guess, but textile is still a “major” industry there. As to why you would have found yourself with something made there, this article might shed some light.

Lesotho was let into the African Growth and Opportunities Act, an initiative to help African economies.

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And it’s pronounced Luh-soo-too, in case anyone wonders.