Lost Cat in NYC, what can I do?

We just got back from vacation, and we were robbed. They stole some stuff that’s kind of irritating like a laptop, an X-Box, and some DJ equipment. We were going to replace the laptop anyway, unfortunately it has work documents, but fortunately the thief was enough of an idiot to leave the power cord to an obsolete and busted up laptop so it’s unlikely that it will make it into the hands of anyone who would know what data is in their possession. The DJ equipment is the most monetarily valuable stuff. But, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I come to the important part and the only thing that we would be really upset if we didn’t get back, and that’s our kitty.

We’re not certain if he is just hiding in our basement, which is rife with effective kitty hiding places, which he uses regularly. Whenever people he doesn’t know are here, he bolts and gets into them, and he’s really really fast. After the thieves left, they closed the door, so the only time he would have run out would be while they were here.

So, I would like to know how I should go about the search specific to NYC. If anyone has a list of animal shelters, or any such thing. I will be doing my research myself, but if anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. Obviously flyering the neighborhood is already in the works.

Please give me an idea of what I might not have thought of.

I’d post a notice on Craigslist.

Sorry to hear about your burglary. Been there. It sucks.

Oh, that is terrible! I hope the little guy come home soon.

You said you were flyering, and something else to do is go door-to-door to your neighbors on your street and explain the exact circumstances. A lost cat is, for many people, “oh how sad, a lost cat” and then they forget all about it. A BREAK IN, on the other hand, is much more OMG!!11 and I think it will focus people and make them more likely to remember your missing cat if they see him.

Do you live in the kind of neighborhood in Brooklyn that has a lot of people with dogs? Maybe even people who work, and have dog walkers? Most dog walkers are animal people in general, and they are outside on your street, sometimes several times a day. Dog walkers might be more likely to notice if there is a new cat on the block because they’re very aware of things that their dogs are interested in. If you hang out on your street and talk to people walking dogs, that’s another good way of getting the word out.

Thanks for the advice Delphica. Unfortunately there aren’t too many dog walkers here abouts.

stuyguy: We live in Bed-Stuy. Here is our craigslist ad if you see him. We’re in the area of Myrtle and Marcy.

Put out a can of smelly wet food where you think he may be hiding. Cats rarely go far, but they’re champions at making themselves invisible. If the food is eaten but you don’t see the cat, you may need to contact the humane society and see if you can borrow a live trap.

Good luck - I had a kitty who was lost for four days once, and it turned out she was shut up in my spare bedroom, She never made a sound.


I hope he’s just hiding and not lost. I hope you find him soon.

I think this is great advice. Get the sympathy feeling going, and people will remember you (and your cat) if they see him.

Any news?

Hopefully this is a good sign.