Lost in Translation...anyone seen it yet?

My wife and I went today to see it. We caught a 1:30 and no one was there.

Bill murray was great in this role. Subtle humor, laid back attitude, meets scarlett johansson. She plays a sweet intelligent young woman married to John(giovanni ribisi). Tokoyo looks swet and the night life is great.

Without the spoiler box and/or giving anything away, check it out if you are interested in seeing how sophia coppola did directing. The sound track is nice, so ringading ding.

Two people want to be found and maybe it happens maybe not. Vauge, but decent.

Being discussed here.

I’m not a big romantic comedy fan, but Lost in Translation gets a five star rating from me. I could relate to the frustration of talking to people that can only talk back in a foreign language. The dialogue was excellent, and when the main characters weren’t speaking, the camera was speaking for them. Very good, I will see this one again.