"Lost In Translation" translation

Don’t know if this should be here or in GQ, but since it’s about a movie, here goes:
Saw Lost In Translation again last night, and I was wondering: Does anybody here speak Japanese? The scene where Bill Murray’s in the hospital waiting room and the old woman’s talking to him was funny, but it might be funnier if we knew what she was actually saying. Any clues?

The translation was posted here a few months before. A quick Google on the title, plus the words ‘director’ and ‘formal’ (which I recalled) provided me with scores of links. Either of the following should work.

Those links take me to the translation of what the director was saying, not the old woman in the hospital.

:smack: I am so sorry. Read the OP to quickly, and immediately assumed (wrongly) which scene was asked for. :o Then, I’m stumped.

Well, this is what I have been able to find.

Hey, thanks! But now I’m even more perplexed: you mean to tell me that was a man?

This surprised me as well, but on IMDB he is listed as “old man” (at least I think that is the case, it is in the same section as the hospital sequence and I think that the list is in order of appearance.
Have a look

You want a real laugh? Watch the extras behind Murray. I don’t know what they find so funny, but they absolutely lose it.