Lost my iexplore.exe

It’s not killing me, but it is causing some problems. I don’t think it is one the backup disk that came with the computer. Then again I thought I knew what I was doing when I lost it. :o

Any suggestions?

I’m guessing you have another browser installed if you’re posting here. The obvious solution if you want to reinstall IE would be to grab it from here.

If you are browserless on that machine, you could always get someone to e-mail the appropriate install file to you. I’ll volunteer for that, if it’s necessary.

So what browser are you using to post here?

Take a risk. Use Opera. You won’t miss IE one bit.

You can say that again. I wonder Opera’s percentage is among the geeks ?

I second the Opera suggestion. It’s all I use. No popups, no clutter on the task bar, savable window setups (eg, open all the SD fora,) etc, etc. So nice.

My suggestion: Rejoice. And then install Phoenix. It rocks.