"Lost" on 20/20

What did you think? I thought: pretty damn good.

Some interesting bits on the hiring process (Hurley was the first cast), Sun’s character was created because they loved her test for “the female lead”, Kate had no prior speaking parts.

The cast’s past experience: Jin has been acting for 12 years, yet his first onscreen kiss was in Sun’s backstory.

Best parts for me:

  1. The fact that there is an orchestra (the union pay and other issues must be enormous). Not to mention that I had already noticed that some of the “soundtrack” is atonal weird bizarre shit, with the exception of the music played when Jack tells Shannon about Boone’s death - I thought that was perfect.

  2. The TCM is (apparently) undefined. In Locke’s scene where he looks up at it, he is not told what it is - just that it is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

  3. Stuff about Boone’s death scene. Ian said he is very close to Matthew, so the scene was very hard on Matthew and that fact was reflected in his performance; Jorge was not scheduled to work that day, but went because it felt like losing a member of his family; the editors, producers and orchestra were all apparently quite moved by the experience of putting it together.

First time I’ve watched 20/20 in years, more than a decade, probably, and yet I think John Stossel had the same “bottled water is a rip off!” story the last time I saw it. Good to know Mr. Stossel isn’t coasting now that’s he’s got Hugh Downs old job.

I don’t normally watch television news shows. But even so I was amazed at how shallow 20/20 is - the two co-hosts didn’t seem to have enough depth to be reporters on Entertainment Tonight much less an allegedly “investigatory journalism” like this. And fluff pieces about a hit TV series, bottled water, and conjoined twins? Are all the newsmagazines this bad?

Missed it!

Any reruns you know of?

One surprise was hearing the actors talking in their natural voices. For some reason, Evangeline Lilly’s Canadian accent and Naveen Andrews’ British accent weren’t as disconcerting as Daniel Dae Kim’s American accent.

[off-topic]But what’s always funny about the bottled water pieces are the blind taste-tests where people invariably pick tap water and cheaper bottled water as better tasting and call the expensive imported stuff flat and bland. :smiley: [/off-topic]

Back to the OP…
What I found interesting was that the actress who plays Sun originally tried out for the role of Kate. TPTB didn’t think she was right for Kate, but they liked her so much they created the role of Sun just for her.

Evangeline Lily had never had a full speaking role before this one.

Someone (one of the producers) said they went into production late, and all the new pilots had already been cast, so they were left with whomever they could get for roles. I think they did pretty good!

Question about the show and a scene they showed: In what episode was there a hand reaching out of the ground ala Carrie? Neither my wife nor I nor my sister-in-law remember that shot before? A little help?

silenus, that was from an early show, I think when they discovered the caves. Jack was trapped in a cave-in, and Charlie went in after him (He was the smallest one to fit in the hole they dug). The two of them found a hole near the top to dig they way out of, and while the others were digging in from the side, the two of them dug their way out the top.

Thank you! :smiley:

Penn & Teller did it much better and, of course, a hell of a lot funnier.