"Lost" question: who's left?

How many Oceanic 815 passengers are still on the island? I only count 4 (Sawyer, Locke, Rose, Bernard).

  • However many other random passengers any given story requires (such as the boat load of no-names taking off for the freighter in the final).

I am sticking with my “none - because they are all in the snow globe” theory…

Claire isn’t a confirmed kill yet, is she? I know she’s been appearing with Jack’s dad, but we haven’t actually seen her die.

Vincent the dog is still there, isn’t he?

Vincent was in the background as the last boat was being loaded, so yeah, he is still observing and waiting for his chance to taken over the island.

The various kidnap victims from early on; I forget how many, but it seems it was about 9 or 10.

Yeah, by name we know Cindy (the stewardess), Emma and Zack (the kids).

According to this: Portal:Flight 815 passengers | Lostpedia | Fandom, there’s also 1 random Lostie named Sullivan. He’s the guy from Season 1 who had some weird rash, then wanted to play in the golf tournament.

Not to hijack, but I’m not really a lost fan, but I am curious as to how the series is proceeding. Can someone give me a real quick synopsis of whats going on?

Um… from where?

… In general :frowning:

Whats the deal with the island? Is there timetravel, or what?

Like I say, I’ve never watched the show really, bt I just know bits and pieces. What was with that clock they had to keep resetting?

Or the numbers that kept reappearing?

Just what is the show about, or where is it heading?

I’m just curious.

A quick synopsis is damn near impossible.

It’s … complicated.

A bunch of people got killed and 6 got off the island (Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Aaron, and Sun). The Island has been moved, and Ben* is going around killing people-- he plans to kill Penny (Widmore’s daughter; Desmond’s gf) because one of Widmore’s mercenaries killed his daughter (who was actually Rousseau’s daughter).

*He got off island, too, but is not counted in the “Oceanic 6”

This is tongue in cheek, but might help.

I’ll give it a shot to give a “quick” overview, from my memory, since the time of the hatch…

We don’t know what the hatch was or the numbers other than it was some kind of experiment station created by a group called Dharma.

Dharma was a group of people who came to the island in the 1970s to conduct some kind of experiments. Ben, the leader of the Others, was originally a member of the Dharma group.

When Dharma came to the island, there was already a group of Others there. For whatever reason, Ben killed off the Dharma group, dumped their corpses into a pit, and joined the Others, becomming their leader. Ben apparently took his orders from some mystcial dude named Jacob, who lives in a ghost cabin.

Some super rich British dude, named Widmore, knows of the island and its mystical propertries and is trying to find it and “get it back.” Widmore and Ben are arch enemies. Apparently, Ben is trying to keep Widmore away.

Widmore sent a group of mercenaries on a boat to find the island and capture Ben. The Others previously got a hold of Michael, Walt’s father, who escaped the island long ago, and convinced him to be a spy for the Others on Widmore’s boat. Widmore’s gang found the island.

Locke and a few Losties split from the other Losties because they were convinced these new people from the boat wanted to kill them, not rescue them. Locke and Ben joined forces against Widmore’s gang. We find out there is some weird time shifting between the island and the rest of the world.

Locke and Ben went to find Jacob for instructions on how to save the island from Widmore. Jacob’s apparent agent is Jack’s dead father’s ghost, who is also Claire’s father’s ghost. He told them to “move the island.”

Locke and Ben set off to do just that. In the meantime, some of Widmore’s gang decide to help the Losties off the island, taking them to Widmore’s boat. The other part of Widmore’s gang go after Ben and kill his daughter. Locke and Ben kill Widmore’s mercenaries, but the mercs blow up Widmore’s boat.

Ben goes into a hatch with Locke. Ben tells Locke that Locke is the new leader of the Others. Ben, knowing whoever does it will be forever banned from the island, turns a knob, and the island disappears or “moves.”

In the meantime, 7 Losties who tried to make their way to Widmore’s boat via helicopter, crash but get picked up by Widmore’s daughter, Penny, in her own boat. To “protect the island” 6 Losties decide to act like they made a raft and made it safely to another inhabited tropical shore instead of being picked up by Penny. They are “rescued” and lie to the public about their island experiences. The 7th Lostie is Desmod, Penny’s long lost boyfreind, who stays with her.

The 6 Losties become known by the public as the “Oceanic 6.”
Aaron (Claire’s son & Jack’s half-nephew)

The people mentioned in this thread are still on the island. Everyone else is apparently dead (e.g., Charlie, Jin, Mr. Echo, etc.).

Locke became the new leader of the Others, as Ben said he would, apparently because Locke is one of the privileged few who can communicate with mystical Jacob.

Ben was magically banished from the island and ended up in the Tunisian desert. Ben then recruited Sayid to work for him to assassinate Widmore’s people by convincing Sayid that Widmore killed Sayid’s wife.

Kate escapes her past legal troubles. Jack & Kate start living together, rearing young Aaron. Jack sees his father’s ghost and goes nuts, starts drinking, doing drugs, etc. Hurley goes nuts, too, and ends up seeing ghosts of Charlie and Mr. Echo. Hurley ends up back in a mental hospital.

Somehow, Locke, using the name Bentham for some reason, finds Jack and tells him bad things happened on the island because the Oceanic 6 left. He insists they all must go back. For some unknown reason, Locke ends up in a casket, dead, at a funeral home.

Jack goes to the funeral home to see Locke’s body and finds Ben there. Ben tells Jack they all must go back, even dead Locke’s corpse. Jack thinks Ben is right, but will have trouble getting everyone to go back, especially Kate. Kate has a dream that Claire tells her not to go back.

Sun manages to get control of her father’s company and blames daddy for Jin’s death. Sun also tries to form an apparent alliance with Widmore, for reasons yet undisclosed, but supposedly related to the fact she blames someone else for Jin’s death, too.

So, among other things, we don’t know how or why Locke/Bentham died, why everyone must return, whether or how they will return, where the island is, Widmore’s and Ben’s true involvement in the island, the nature of the island’s time/space magic, the history of the island, the nature of the smoke monster, the polar bear connection, or what happened on the island after Ben “moved” it.