Lost Wallet--Part Deux

I’m not sure I’m doing this right since this is the first time I’ve started a thread, but I no sooner posted to a thread than it was closed!

Anyway, I wanted to respond to the person that asked what new I could do for the lost wallet guy - I read the whole thread and I didn’t see that anyone had actually gone to the Long Beach address and asked around. If this has not been done, I am volunteering since I’d like to see the wallet get to the original owner.

If it has been done, then my reading comprehension needs help…

From: found wallet from the 70’s

Hi again, you’re a night owl too? I’m flagging your thread, just so a mod could maybe fix the title and move it to where you can best get an answer. Welcome again.

Here’s a link to the original thread, wherein filmyak found a wallet a little over a year ago and has been trying to locate the original owner with help from many members.

And, since it really isn’t a classic General Question, I’ll move it to MPSIMS. Any member who were subscribed to the first part should probably subscribe to this part.

Oh, I just notice bbs2k has a nice link to the old column. Thanks.

If you all find the man, I suspect he’ll be amused for about a minute, thumb through it, and throw it in the trash 5 minutes later.

And I think it’s time to stop stalking the guy. It’s not like you found a 40 year old wedding ring.


Hey! It’s no longer about him, it’s about US, the readers of this thread/mystery.

Party pooper :rolleyes:

This is turning into the SDMB Great White Whale.

OK, gotta ask.

Anyone here friends with a really good private eye who’ll take a stab at this pro bono for a day or so? Or SoCal police perhaps?

Thanks for the welcome! Night owl time is really the only time I have to post <G>.

I found I just couldn’t turn away from the previous thread, and I have a feeling this thread will be much the same. I love a mystery, even a minor, essentially pointless, almost certainly unsolvable one like this.

Thought for a minute the mystery had been solved:


Alas, no…


Gah!! And here I clicked (like a dummy) thinking I was gonna find some new development in the plot.

This is worse than 14k…

Yeah. The newspapers are more than willing to print the story after someone else does all the hard work, but no one will call me back to help me find the guy.

Then again, when I called the local news to report a bank robbery at the B of A across the street from my office, no one showed up and I haven’t seen it on the news to this day.

You know, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before… my father-in-law used to work at a newspaper… I wonder if he’s got any connections? Sigh. Here we go again.

Woo hoo! Back on the case!

Father in law is going to hook me up with the LA Times metro desk. He knows some folks there. I’ll let you know what happens next.

LA Times writer reached me today. I’m sending her the info and we’ll see what she can find. As a reporter, I’m hoping she has access to sources that I don’t.

Seems to me that the story here might be about a thriving online community that have worked together (in vain) to find the wallet owner, rather than just the wallet story itself. That might be a more compelling angle, although more difficult to get across in a sound bite I suppose.

Just a thought.



I mapped that all out last year.