Lots Pf Good Reading On Fbi Website

There’s lots of good reading annd safety information on the FBI website…
Have a look at it, and read whats been going on throughhout the world.

Al Quaeda been at war with the USA since 1991, thats 13 years. There not the most sensible people in the World - because they have attacked Muslim and Christian alike. One suspects they want the world partitioned into Religous Zones, and Pro All Queda Clerics put in charge. These clerics burnt all the TVs, smashed the Computers, tore up western books [ book burning to follow] and junked fridges and washing machines, yet, theyv’e kept the guns, weapons, bullets, rocket launchers, and camofllaged jackets.

The FBI need your help. So, be alert. It would be tempting to have a list of petential targets but thats out of the question, we might be marking their card. Even so think Airport, think water dams, think men with cameras in industrial areas. Be alert. 9-11 was simply a wake up call.

12 Muslims arrested today, London area, FBI tip off. Thank you Mr Hoover…