I have read your inspired comments about winning the lottery, and I agree with them. However, isn’t it a good idea to play number combinations which are the least payed by others ?
Of course, you don’t increase your chance of winning, but, at least, if you win, there is an increased probability that you are the only one, and don’t have to share the dough with anyone else.
What do you think

I assume you are referring to Cecil’s “How can I pick the winning number in the lottery?” column:

If so, you apparantly missed the last paragraph: The one feature a number-picking program can offer that might actually do you some good is a feature that selects numbers at random–or, equally usefully, avoids numbers that are picked often–e.g., 31 and below, heavily bet by those who insist on picking their birthdays. The idea is that if you do win, you’ll have to share the loot with fewer co-winners. A reasonable notion, perhaps. But divvying the boodle is not a major problem for most people who play.