Lotus Seven

I got out my The Prisoner DVD complete series and have been watching episodes as I am able. One of the iconic things in the series is the Lotus Seven Patrick McGoohan drives in the opening. And my MGB is running again and I’ll be driving it with a fresh coat of paint this weekend. So naturally, I’m building my dream garage in my head.

Now dream garages are funny things. Sometimes mine has 20 or more cars in it. Other times I impose limits to reflect practical reality. Do I need a Lotus Seven? On the affirmative side, it’s an iconic car from an iconic TV series. It’s pretty. It’s unusual. Definite ‘cool factor’. On the other hand, it’s really not my style. It has '50s styling, and I lean more toward the '60s. (This is one reason why, although I like the MGA, I don’t really want one – except when my dream garage is huge – because I like the MGB’s '60s styling better.)

So here’s a question for your consideration. The rule is that your dream garage reflects reality. That is, you can’t have more cars than will fit on your property. You can’t have more cars than you can reasonably drive. You must intend to drive your cars regularly. Do you want a Lotus Seven given those limitations?

YES! And I wanna build it myself. It’s be a fun and cheap toy.

[li]I have a nice sedan for daily driver[/li][li]I’d like a pickup for projects, make it a 1994 or so Toyota T100–something with a useful bed, not ridiculously expensive, and low enough to access the bed contents from the side. Modern trucks are stupid.[/li][li]For “look at me!” fun…I mean, I wouldn’t say no to the Lotus 7 if someone wanted to give it to me, but I think I’d prefer a new Lotus Evora sport.[/li][/ul]

Such a stick in the mud, I know, but I’m getting cold on the rounded old cars that can get whipped any way you like by a Chevrolet Sonic.[ul]

To be clear:

This is not a ‘What’s in your dream garage’ thread. The question is whether you want this particular car in your dream garage.


Caterham bought the rights to the Lotus Seven, and have been making complete cars and kits ever since. Personally, if I were to have one, I would want an original. Say, 1967.

But given the limitations set forth in the OP, a Lotus Seven is not in my garage.

Yeah…prolly not then. I mean even if it were fully restored, how long would that last? And then can I get parts? And if I can, do I want to spend the time on it? I have a feeling I’d end up hauling it someplace unseemly in my 1994 Toyota Pickup under cover of darkness. Or leaving it on the side of the road like I did my Midget.

Reproductions and kits are acceptable for the purposes of this thread, as long as they are Sevens.

Nope, I’m not sure it would make my dream garage even if I had one like Leno.

As the past chairman of the Louts club for your neck of the woods, of course. Make mine a '68 S3 please. And if an original Lotus is out of the question, then make it whatever the most ridiculously overpowered current offering from Caterham is.


It’s a cute car, it’s undoubtedly fun to drive, but I’d only have room on my property for a garage that’d house three or four vehicles, at the maximum. I don’t think I’d drive a Lotus Seven enough to justify it having a spot in that garage.

I have driven an original Seven and competed in my Tojeiro formula B. The Seven is probably as close as you are going to get to match the performance of a vintage formula car like that. Just breathtaking. Well worth a spot in the garage. It would take some getting used to in traffic, you are staring at nothing but door handles next to you and couldn’t see anything ahead. I once raced in a hill climb that went through the Kenyon College campus and you had to drive through the small town to get back to the starting line. That was in my formula car and the ride in town was more frightening then the hill climb.

Or the modern version, the Arial Atom: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_Atom Be sure and read the performance section.


Building one looks like it would be interesting, but doable; it’s small, all the mechanical parts would be accessible, etc. And once it’s built you’ve got a decent little performer, too. But it’s not one of my dream cars. If I were to have one at all, I think I’d build one from the kit, drive it for a while, then sell it.

My neighborhood’s old so no driveways or garages - I’ve got a shed where I keep my motorcycle and I street-park my BMW, so probably no on the Lotus/Caterham. Even if I had a garage, I’d prefer a Morgan 3-wheeler.

Realistically fits on my property probably limits me to one or two more cars. If that’s the case, even though I really like the Lotus 7, I’m adding either a Lotus Elise or an Ariel Atom to my collection first.

It is within the realm of possibility that I could one day have a four- or five-car garage. If I am ever able to build my dream house, I will have the garage. At least one bay would be for Mrs. L.A. Let’s say I have three bays. Two slots are already taken up by one car I have, and the other car I want. I can sell the Jeep and Prius, or park them outside as they are parked now. (As it is, I need to get some sort of structure for the MGB; probably a ‘tent’ garage at first, and then a 10’ x 20’ shed when I can afford it.)

I agree that the Seven probably wouldn’t be driven enough to justify its occupying the last slot – even if people do make the ‘peep hole’ sign at me on the freeway and shout, ‘See you later!’

Given that I’m seriously considering giving up my ‘fun family car’ (Mazdaspeed3) in favour of a mini-SUV and Caterham combo, I’d have to say yes. But we don’t have a garage at all - a 2-car driveway (if both are reasonably small) and one space on the street outside. Not sure it’s wise to keep a Caterham in such circumstances. But boy, would it be fun. I think I’d probably start with the relatively sensible 1.8 litre engine first, then if I got bored of that go for one of the ridiculously overpowered versions. But in reality, I’m not sure I want to give up having a fun daily driver, that can also take us on family holidays. BMW M5 is the goal for that.

Sure. I’ve got a huge garage, and a couple acres of nice, dry high desert. More cars the better. I’ll take a Lotus. I’m good with wiring. :wink: