Loud Humming When I Rip Some CDs

I’ve been ripping cds all day with my new computer, and usually it is perfectly quiet. Other times, however, it makes a very loud humming sound. At first I thought it might be because some of the cds are pretty scratched up, but it also makes the same sound on some brand new cds. Any ideas as to why?

I don’t know, but mine does the same thing. It also makes that noise when transferring mp3’s from my hard disk to a USB thumb drive, so it’s not related to the CD/DVD drive.

Your optical drive spins the CDs very fast when ripping. Even a slight unbalance causes them to vibrate, and this sound is coupled to the case of the PC.

Yes, we burn many brand-new CDs, and some vibrate quite a bit. Seems like some CDs are out of balance.