Louie Gohmert is a walking cliche.

Honestly the guy’s last name sounds like a knockoff of Gomer. And he shares his first name with the orangutan from the Jungle Book. If you were writing a novel and needed a name for a character who was a rube southern politician, you’d reject Louie Gohmert outright as sounding way too cliche.

Anyway here’s his latest episode of idiocy:

From his floor speech Wednesday:

I should also add that I think it’s hilarious that his name is close to Gomer without actually being Gomer, as it makes it that much funnier when somebody slips up and calls him Gomer.

He also looks like a skinny Homer Simpson.

I’m always amazed at his antics. I also find it hard to believe he’s as stupid as he appears, as he’s in his fourth term.


He may be an idiot, but what do you call someone who makes fun of a name?

Well, when you’re a proven dumbass and your name sounds like Gomer, it’s kind of hard not to make fun of it.

I’m just amazed he was smart enough to vote against HR 1255.

That’s not the birth certificate one. That’s the Presidential privilege one.