Louis Farrakan's UFO Experience-Has He Retracted It?

I recall seeing the good minister’s UFO experience (on YouTube).
It was quite hilarious, and made me wonder if anybody ever challenged him on it?
If so, did he ever retract this (very looney story)?
As I recall, he talked about being on a mountain, and a large UFO appears…and Louis visits with the extraterrestrials…
Anyway, do his followers ever question this guy’s mental stability?

but you do realize that a giant UFO aka “Mother Plane” / “Mother Wheel” is in fact a part of his religion’s beliefs? After the NOI split in 1975, the people who wanted to have normal orthodox Muslim beliefs became the “American Society of Muslims” whereas the ones who remained are those who don’t mind the UFOs and the Rev. Farrakhan.

His followers, no. The rest of us, well, theres no question…