Love and Hate Parade

I tried to search for this, cause I am quite certain it has already been done, but I cant find anything… so here is my “love and hate parade” -
List 10 things you really love and 10 you really hate.

I will start:


  • To be at the right place at the right time with the right person(s).

  • The smell of rain (ozon, wet soil,…)

  • The smell of hot asphalt in summer

  • Light falling through a thick layer of clouds

  • Running against the wind as fast as I can

  • Dancing until I cant hear the music any more

  • A touch that feels like honey

  • To meet somebody you have never seen before and recognize him/her imediately (purest cyber generation feeling :wink: )

  • a moment where there is no need for words

  • the day after smoking weed with friends, lazing about, drinking lots of tea and watching telly.

  • to miss somebody who has not yet gone away

  • to leave somebody I love

  • to feel stupid

  • fear of things I cant change

  • seing people who are in the middle of something I have been through and I cant help them.

  • to be so tired flesh and bones start to hurt

  • the taste of blood

  • people who call me “sweetheart” “cutie” or “missy” when they dont know me

  • people who like to make me hurt

  • realizing that I have hurt somebody and searching for the back button which of course doesnt exist.
    who loves love but doesnt hate hate.

Things I love

1. Eating cookie dough.
2. Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and I can’t breathe anymore.
3. Waking up with a smile on my face after a particularly beautiful dream.
4. Singing along to my favourite songs.
5. Sweet, soft kisses.
6. Finding the perfect gift for someone I love.
7. Receiving compliments from complete strangers.
8. A good cheese sandwhich.
9. Reading a book in one sitting.
10. Hugging my cat and inhaling her cat breath.

Things I hate

1. My habit of dwelling on words or actions that have upset me.
2. Looking forward to an event only to have it be a huge disappointment.
3. Waking up in the morning.
4. Being at a party where everyone except me knows everyone else.
5. Wanting to describe something, but not being able to find the exact word that I need.
6. Needing to go to the toilet in public when none are no sanitary ones left.
7. Thinking up the perfect smartarse comeback - an hour after I actually needed it.
8. Drivers who tailgate me because I’m a learner driver.
9. Getting mosquito bites in awkward places. (Like my ankle, toes and in between my fingers)
10. Not remembering what happened the night before.

Wow … that actually took awhile to do. :slight_smile:


  1. My son
  2. Spending time with my son.
  3. Hi Opal!
    4.-7. Sex
    8.-10. Blow jobs


1.-10. Smilies

Things I Love:

1)My kids
2)My kids’ bedtime
3)Quality time with good friends
4)That first morning cup of coffee
5)Hearing my favorite song on the radio when I’m having a bad day
6)Good hair days
7)Spongebob Squarepants
8)Really lame clean jokes
9)The smell of sauteeing onions and garlic
10)Catching a glimpse of the moon when I wasn’t expecting to

Things I Hate:

1)The headache after I’ve had a seizure
2)People who ask questions when they really shouldn’t
3)People who don’t ask questions when they really should
4)Washing dishes
5)Car crash songs
6)Not knowing half of my biological history
7)Calvin-peeing-on-something stickers
8)Candy that makes your lips and tongue turn blue
9)Not being able to comprehend quantum physics
10)Sinus infections

Things I Love:

  1. quirkiness and unpredictability in women
  2. Music that makes me feel something
  3. being there for a friend
  4. cuddling
  5. sex
  6. Summer thunderstorms
  7. the beginning of a relationship
  8. my cats
  9. being smart, handsome, young, and in good financial shape
  10. the taste of blood (Dodgy, you really don’t like it?)

Things I Hate:

  1. being lonely
  2. people eating loudly
  3. when a friend is going through a hard time
  4. being cold
  5. people causing traffic
  6. when a show I wanted to watch is pre-empted for sports
  7. getting sick
  8. that the stupid people let the evil people run the world
  9. when a girl I’d like to get to know better just stops talking to me (not directed at anyone, but it’s happened 7 times in the past year)
  10. the end of a relationship

**thenerd: **
Blood tastes sooo nasty in my op!!!
… nose bleeding is pure torture to me…

Things I Love:

  1. Performing.
  2. Being truly inspired by another person.
  3. Walks along the beach at night.
  4. Piano, mandolin, guitar, sitar, and English horn music.
  5. Reading a good book on a lazy Southern summer afternoon.
  6. Meeting new people/having crushes.
  7. Watching someone paint.
  8. Sitting around with my friends, reminiscing and laughing at ourselves.
  9. Long, introspective talks.
  10. Feeling like I have accomplished something, even if it’s the most minor achievement in the world.

Things I Hate:

  1. Watching someone hurt and knowing I can do nothing to help.
  2. People who tear down other people for the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.
  3. Thunderstorms, especially those that evolve into tornados.
  4. Sinus infections/stomach viruses.
  5. People who use religion as a reason to hurt other people.
  6. War.
  7. School bathrooms/food.
  8. Not being able to talk to my friends when I need them.
  9. Being far away from the people I love.
  10. Cold weather.

Things I love:

  1. My Wife
  2. My children
  3. Friends (you know who you are)
  4. My Country
  5. Reading
  6. Music
  7. Beer (see my sig)
  8. Sex (not gonna lie about it)
  9. TOOLS!!!
  10. Learning

Things I hate:

  1. My ex-wife
  2. Ignorance
  3. Sinus headaches
  4. Day time talk shows
  5. Night time talk shows
  6. Rap
  7. Being broke
  8. Not knowing as much as I SHOULD know
  9. Having to tell my kids I can’t get them something when I’m broke
  10. Whenever my computer brakes (usually whenever I try to upgrade it)