Love children of the stars

I just watched the video of NIN’s “Closer” because, according to Janet Jackson’s iTunes Celebrity Playlist, she admires the visuals, oh, and (in her words) the song makes her “wanna *%$#!”

I can attest to the visuals (creepy and compelling), but I don’t think it makes me wanna *%$#! (although, if Janet insisted I guess I could oblige).

However, this one thing I noted: Doesn’t Trent Reznor look like the love child of Alan Rickman?

Got me to thinking: What other pairs of famous faces lead one to suspect an unrevealed parental relationship?

Does Christian Slater think wistfully of Jack Nicholson on Father’s day?

Is there more between Twilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett than they’re letting on? (okay those two were born six years apart, but maybe they’re lying about that too!)