Love for Sale...

Hey all you Clinton lovers, how do you like this sleaze?

In my mind, this is WORSE than what the FBI agent did, and he’s facing the Death Penalty!

Oh, God… I just wish the Clintons would crawl back under the rock they came from and let us all forget they ever existed…

Let it go, man.

The President, selling out justice, I cannot think of a more (God, what’s the word?) insult to the American people.

Number one, he isn’t President anymore and number two, everyone around says he didn’t know a damned thing about it. Which, despite past carrying ons, is possible. Bill Clinton is an intelligent man, but he’s one of those human beings that don’t have the common sense God gave a goose sometimes.

But since this obviously has your dander up, rant away, God knows there’s not anything else going on in the world to bitch about.

This man WAS the President when this went on, so he should have had all available intelligence at his fingertips.

The whole motherfucker stinks to high heaven!

I would like to hear one justification for his actions out of any of you bastards who want to defend him…

Fuck, it’s like violating the Constitution by giving government money to faith-based organizations.
Oh wait…

It’s like he’s violating people’s rights to freedom of speech in overseas Planned Parenthood organizations!!
Oh wait…

I know! It’s as bad as proposing HUGE tax cuts for the top 1% of the U.S.

You know, the only thing worse would have been to gleefully state that he was 100% certain that every man and woman in Texas who died on death row was guilty.

I would be extremely upset if he had declared Jesus Day.

Well, I could go on but what would be the point? Unfortunately, we don’t vote in good people, we vote in politicians. Self-serving politicians. Get used to it. I’m not saying I agree that Clinton is exactly a fine upstanding person. However, I think it’s only fair that if you are going to bitch about one fucked-up president, you discuss ALL the fucked up presidents.

Now, where are my notes on “King John” Adams? And I seem to recall some less than ethical news about both the Roosevelts…

The difference is, none of those things you predict to pass have happened, but Glenn Braswell, Carlos Vignali and Marc Rich walk free… splain, Lucy!!!

Um, Origato? You dumbass!

Everything pep mentioned is TRUE! And HAS HAPPENED! No, Clinton is no saint. So what? Neither is Bush, Bush’s daddy, Reagan, Nixon…hell, the KENNEDYS weren’t saints.

Pep, beautiful line, which I will reuse: “However, I think it’s only fair that if you are going to bitch about one fucked-up president, you discuss ALL the fucked up presidents.”

Too true.

Dream much, Will?

Is this supposed to upset me? I’ve been insulted by far more worthy people than you, you moronic guttersnipe.

“All available knowledge at his fingertips.”? What fantsy world do you live in? If that were true, all our Presidents would be perfect, wouldn’t they? Never make a mistake or bad decision. Feh.

Because you idiots aren’t worth responding to…

Get the fuck out of my thread so we can let the intelligent people in…


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Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t the intelligent threads where you want a debate be in another forum like say Great Debates? So umm shut the fuck up. Whoever wants to come in here and post can do so even if they are idiots. You do not control whether or not someone can come in here and post. So bite my ass I’ll post my opinion if I feel like it. Every other president has fucked up and did stupid shit. Why just linger on this one? Your betting a dead horse here. Damn this isn’t even worth my time.

Hey Origato?

Get the fuck off my board so we can let the intelligent people in.


I think it’s time we sprayed again… :rolleyes:

This tells me everything I need to know about your perspective…Hugh Rodham didn’t set up anybody to be executed by confirming that they’d spied for the US…the FBI guy has blood on his hands.

'Gato, have you ever acknowledged the possibility that you’re not always right?